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The Trailing Candidate should get at least the following percentage of the remaining uncounted votes.

____ of the remaining ___ uncounted votes.

____ % of the remaining ___ uncounted votes.

Number of votes that a candidate is trailing by: (E.g. Biden is trailing by 165000 votes behind Trump in PA)

Percentage of votes the trailing candidate is expected to win, of the remaining uncounted votes.


The trailing candidate needs at least the following number of uncounted votes.


More calculations: Fill in the number of uncounted votes below, if you know and click Calculate above.


Of the remaining Uncounted Votes: _____
the trailing candidate will get: _____
and the other will get: ____
After counting is completed, the trailing candidate will then ____ _____.

How to use vote percentage calculator?

Calculate the percentage weight of classified votes that make up a total sum of the example set, as in vote percentage calculations for an election.

Instructions to Calculate Election Percentages

The percent of votes for a candidate (C) equals the number of votes for the candidate (V) divided by the total number of votes (T). Multiply by 100 to get the percentage of votes for the candidate or ballot option.

Vote Percentage Formula

C = V/T × 100

The calculator tabulates total votes by including the number of votes you enter for every candidate.

Vote percentage for every candidate is calculated as an extent the total vote count.

You can utilize this calculator to find vote offer or voting extents for:

Candidates in an election

Party portion of the vote as in Democratic, Republican, Independent, Green, and so on

Ballot questions or state and nearby mandates

2. What is the method to find the votes percentage of all parties in the election?

To calculates the votes percentage, you should have the count of valid votes polled for every one of the parties and individual candidates in the election. Then, at that point, register the total no of votes. Separation the each party votes by the total number of valid votes and multiply by 100 to get the votes percentage.

3. Where do I get the nitty gritty interaction to process the votes percentage in the election?

You can get the Step by Step Procedure for addressing votes percentage of all parties on our page.

4. Where would i be able to track down the best calculator to find the vote percentage in the elections?

Calculators For Free Online is a trusted in site that offers a few numerical calculators like Percentage, Integration, Descriptive Statistics, Descriptive and a lot more that makes your computations easy and quick.

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