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Prime number

A prime number is a positive integer, larger than 1, which cannot be expressed as a product of two smaller positive integers. To put it another way, a prime number is one that can be divided exactly only by 1 and itself

EX: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 19, 23 etc

Fractions - Addition and substraction

To add or subtract fractions we first rewrire each fraction so that they all have the same denominator(this is known as common denominator). The denominator is chosen to be the lowest common multiple of the original denominators. Then the numerators are added or substracted as apprpriate, and the result is divided by a common denominator.

EX: 23 + 54 = 812 + 1512 = 8 + 1512 = 2312

Fractions - Multiplication

The product of two or more fractions is found by multiplying their numerators to form a new numerator, and then multiplying their denominators to form a new denominator.

EX: 49 * 38 = 1272 = 16

Fractions - Division

To divide one fraction by another fraction, we invert the second fraction and then multiply. When we invert a fraction we interchange the numerator and denominator.

EX: 625 : 25 = 625 * 52 = 35

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