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calculator fractions divided by whole numbers


Online Fraction calculator


What is Online Fraction Calculator?

Fraction Calculator is a free online tool that shows the arithmetic operation for the given fraction. Our online fraction calculator tool makes the calculation faster, and it shows the arithmetic operations in a fraction of seconds.

How to Use the Fraction Calculator?

The strategy to utilize the fraction calculator is as per the following:

What is Meant by Fraction?

In maths, a fraction addresses a piece of the whole number. It comprises of a numerator and denominator where numerator addresses the number of equal parts and denominator addresses the aggregate sum that makes up a whole.

For instance, 5/6 is a fraction where 5 is the numerator and 6 is the denominator. Fractions can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided like any remaining numbers.

By utilizing the algebraic formula for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions, this calculator will add, subtract, multiply or divide fractions and finds you a solution in a diminished fraction structure.


(a/b) + (c/d) =(ad+bc)/bd


(a/b) – (c/d) =(ad-bc)/bd


(a/b) . (c/d) = ac/bd


(a/b)/(c/d) = promotion/bc

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